01 November 2010

Searching beyond limits

When you don't understand, ask.
If you are still confuse, keep asking.

Can this be applied everywhere?
It can't.
There are many question marks.
Yet so few full-stops or even exclamation marks.

We are searching for answers everyday.
Realization equals satisfaction?
What if the answer doesn't satisfy your want?
The highly-motivated ones will work harder.
Those in-between ones will go, "Life's like that. Move on loh."
The lowly-motivated ones will be emo.
Which group do you belong to?

Now that I have more question marks than answers,
Does that mean that my satisfaction level is low?
To certain extent it is.
But i still belong to the highly motivated group.
It's not easy.
But i believe I can.
So i'm holding on to my belief.
Letting my passion grows the way it used to be.